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Target real Telegram members based on their interests.

Telegram marketing strategy for companies can boost the growth of a business in an explicit way. The more people you get to your telegram channel, the faster you’ll get people to your website and social media profiles. For example, if your company makes an app that has a particular service or product associated with it, then you’ll want to drive traffic to that app so they can start using it.

Creating a telegram marketing strategy is not easy- there are many tactics that need to be implemented in order for it to work well. One such tactic is buying targeted members- followers; that will make your Telegram marketing campaign much easier and more effective. It's important that before buying targeted members, subscribers, you should have a clear Telegram marketing strategy in mind.

How to get targeted members, groups, channels, bots, admins?

Teleteg is the Telegram search engine, that works in beta version and is preparing to launch. You can contact administration for manual operation to get your request like:

Difference between fake and real targeted members.

Fake members can be found online, but it is quite difficult to tell the difference between fake and real members. There is a way to check them with Teleteg members checker. Simply select a few members from the list and send them to the checker. In few seconds you will get a list of groups to which these members subscribed so you can see their interests.

There is another way to check if members are real is to see their activity, the Teleteg checker will show you dates when these members were online or which groups they joined, and on what dates. To see what these members wrote lately, you can go to the groups they're in and click on "search by member" and you will see all the messages written by this member.

You can avoid buying fake or inactive users who are either bot or not even interested in your products or services. The best practice is to pay more but get real targeted users.

How Teleteg guarantees you get only active real targeted members that are interested in your products?

Teleteg has the biggest database of Telegram groups, channels, bots and members, so we can see through the database which users have joined new groups and what their latest activities are. The best feature is that you can target members based on their interests. For example, you can choose up to 3 interests of the users, and you will see only those telegram members that are members of at least 3 groups with mentioned keywords.

For example, you type: Crypto, London, NFT, etc. and you will get only those members that have all 3 interests in their group profile.

This gives you an advantage over your competitors who simply buy all crypto members and spam them directly, even if these members are just visited crypto group ones removed the group to archive and have no interest in crypto what so ever. Either you can get targeted and active users, that lately visited few crypto groups, joined NFT group recently and have a London group in the profile.

What member would you prefer for you marketing campaign? Let us know in the chat @SlionGroup, and we will give you an estimate on how many targeted members can be collected in your niche. Send us 3+ keywords and language that you need to target members, groups and channels for your Telegram marketing strategy.

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